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rastructure. The Mariel port development project, scheduled to be finished in 2013, is considered of "particularly strategic importance" because once the U.S. economic embargo agai


tern village of Biran in 1926. He ruled the island for 48 years after the 1959 revolution, and handed over power to his brother Raul four years ago for health reasons. However, Fid.


were identified as Suspects No. 1 and No. 2 in the marathon bombing, which killed three and injured more than 170. During the manhunt operation, a campus police officer was killed .


ction. All those social reform programs and a record-low unemployment rate helped Rousseff to get back on her feet quickly and regained her popularity. She won 54 percent support in.


the UN." In the article, he also called for the creation of a "truly democratic" United Nations. "We need a truly democratic UN, not the one with an imperial manner and the vast maj.

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his Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation lapel pins presented to him by Greg Thompson (unseen), Canada's Minister of Veterans Affairs, in Spokane, Washington, April 19, 2008.

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avis was being briefed by a doctor about the condition of his mother, who was identified as Gene Davis, outside her hospital room before he became "emotionally distraught." Bealef.

testers stepped up their demonstrations. On Monday, seven policemen were severely injured after a home- made explosion detonated, with three of them still in critical condition. Pro.

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