ernment's spy programs to monitor internet data and phone calls. According to Russian media reports, Snowden arrived in Moscow from Hong Kong on Sunday on a commercial flight and .

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uncil's to-do list UNITED NATIONS, Feb. 2 (Xinhua) -- No member of the UN Security Council has signaled its intention to circulate a draft resolution on Iranian sanctions during F.

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ing. Full story Pakistan, Afghanistan, NATO discuss border management ISLAMABAD, May 19 (Xinhua) -- Top military commanders of Pakistan, Afghanistan and NATO met in Kabul on Monday .

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supporters in his hometown during a rally. "I have more experience with our national security than any other candidate in this race. That includes you, Hillary." Graham, 59-year-.

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thorities. Flooding has affected Acre state for several days. Last week, the federal government announced a five-million reais (2.94 million U.S. dollars) fund to support the reli.

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in Kingston, Jamaica, May 24, 2010.? (Xinhua/Reuters Photo) MEXICO CITY, May 26 (Xinhua) -- The clashes between Police and people related to the Jamaican drug trafficker Christoph .

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e heating and air conditioning drain grommet, which could lead to the illumination of the air bag warning light and a potential inadvertent deployment of the air bag, according to.

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of Moslems by infiltrating mosques and recording conversations in a search for potential terrorists. The FBI's action was based solely on religious grounds, according to the lawsui.

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would be similar for cats and people as well. "Dogs and cats are family pets," he said. "These are animals to which many individuals attribute human characteristics." The findings .

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