resence. It was a systematic operation by the group of kidnappers who knew there were no military troops," said Batista. The five captives, including two Colombians, two Peruvians.

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details of the operation would be released Friday. The operation was carried out simultaneously in cities across Colombia, including Bogota, Cali, Barranquilla and Villavicencio. TE.

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e said. Initially after the accident, 7 people including a boy were confirmed dead, but two more bodies were later recovered from the wreck of the bus and two of the most criticall.

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of bilateral trade, which reached 5.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2009, and bilateral investment in various fields. Opportunities in the areas of energy, agriculture, mining, pharmace.

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yria, Sudan and Iran. Washington, which has had no diplomatic ties with Havana since 1962, put the Caribbean island nation on its terror blacklist every year since 1982. HAVANA, Au.

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ezuelan authorities suspend the decision and urged Chavez to observe informational pluralism. The Organization of American States, the Chilean government and the U.S. government a .

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nsisting on no higher taxes on all Americans, including the rich. Many analysts expect the two parties will compromise in the end, but they predict that no real deal will be reach.

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office in Tamaulipas, said by phone that the corpses have been sent to the eastern Mexican city of Reynosa and were at the disposal of the Attorney General's Office there. In a re.

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and a notebook he sent Fenton before the shootings, which may reveal he planned the massacre and was sane. "It's the job of the defense to keep any information out that might prove.

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